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Samrat EQUAL, Calibrated Ply introduced by the company, is a type of plywood which has uniform thickness all across the edges with a very smooth surface all across. The process of pressing this type of plywood is called 4 press technology. Along with using the Vaccum Pressure technology (VPT) and Pre Pressed Technology, four press technology enables the plywood to have zero tolerance level on thickness and increases its use in domestic and commercial requirements keeping all the parameters of quality, durability and reliability intact.

Advantages of Samrat EQUAL Calibrated Ply:
• No core gaps and 100% Eucalyptus core
• Uniform thickness at all ends.
• Absolutely smooth surface best for kitchen applications.
• Ensures good bonding since the adhesive is applied uniformly.
• Evenness reflected on the decorative material pasted on this kind of plywood
• 15 year warranty certificate provided on purchase by the company
• 400 Hours boiling test pass Guaranteed
• Borer and termite proof guarantee for 15 years.

Uses of Samrat EQUAL Calibrated Ply:
• Used for making furniture through automated machines
• Used for doors to be fitted in aluminium panels
• Used for Post lamination and post forming for furniture and modular kitchens

It is usually demanded and used in 16mm thickness. Other thicknesses can also be manufactured on customer demand.

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