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Why choose Samrat Clads?

10 Year Warranty

Samrat Brand has a legacy of over 30 years which offers trusted Warranty of 10 years on Exterior Cladding against Fading and Delamination. Samrat Exterior Cladding Division is Approximately 11 years old.

10+ Year Experience

We have 10+ year experience of making and selling exterior claddings.

UV Resistant

Samrat Clads are highly resistant to sunlight's UV rays and does not lose its color and hue on exposure.

Weather Resistant

Be it scorching summers, frosty winters or wet monsoons, our clads can take it all without any defacing.

Fire Retardant

HPL are difficult to ignite and have properties that retard spreading of flames. They do not soften or release buring droplets in case of fire.

Environment Friendly

Our claddings are IGBC certified and incur minimum damage to the environment during manufacturing as well as during usage.

Cost Effective

No maintenance cost, replacement of individual panel possible.

Size and Thickness Options

Samrat Exterior claddings are available in 3 sizes 4 * 8 feet (1220 mm * 2440 mm ) 4 * 10 feet ( 1220 mm * 3050 mm ) 4.25 * 10 Feet ( 1300 mm * 3050 mm) Thickness Available from: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, upto 25 mm.







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Some more reasons to choose us

Samrat, a brand made in India and World Class, is a part of a 3 decade old organisation, Samrat Plywood Limited. Over 30 years, we have travelled a long way on the path of success by building upon our foundations - creating value products by combining perfection with passion, technological expertise with finest materials, stringent quality controls with commitment to achieving error free services.

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