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What is the size of the HPL Cladding sheet?

It is 8 feet (length), 4 feet (breadth) and 6mm (thickness).

How does HPL Cladding sheet protect from the extreme climate?

There is a film/layering on the design paper which protects the normal laminate sheet and it is pressed in higher pressure and temperatures in our manufacturing unit to adhere its properties in the sheet.

Who would be able to install the HPL cladding sheets?

There would be a special team of fabricators associated with the HPL Cladding distributors in each city to fabricate/install the HPL Cladding sheet.

Is it possible for using the HPL cladding without the aluminum back?

It is possible to apply HPL cladding without aluminum back. For example, HPL cladding can be applied on exterior doors.

Would the laminate have both sides face/design paper when it has to be stuck to a wall?

Laminate sheet when used for walls where the other side face not required can be customized if required.

Wouldn’t the sheet of laminate look bad with rivets nailed on it?

The rivets are also provided along with the shade of the HPL Cladding sheet to match them.

Why is the thickness of HPL cladding laminate sheet more than that of the normal thickness of laminate sheet?

Due to the maintenance of the strength of the laminate sheet to withstand all weathers.

Why is HPL cladding a better alternative to tiles and marbles?

Due to aesthetic value of the wood and its appearance.

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